Bright Secure Future Services Focus on Enhancing the Quality of Life of Young people

Bright Secure Future provides supported living, outreach support and 24 hour provision for young people between the ages of 16 to 25, many of the people we assist are in the process of leaving the care system. But are not yet ready to live independently within the community, we offer holistic packages of support to young people during this transitional stage.


Bright Secure Future specialise in providing high quality supported accommodation to leaving care, looked after, semi-independent and unaccompanied asylum seeking young people aged 16+. We operate a young person centric approach which ensures their transition in to early adult life is smooth.


We offer a variety of first-class properties in Warwickshire, West Midlands, Northamptonshire & Lancashire that houses one, two, three or four bedroom properties all solo, depending on the young persons needs. All our accommodation are staffed up to 24 hours a day.


Our bespoke holistic Care Packages identify young people’s desires, skills and interests; with the right training and guidance they learn the key essentials required in everyday life to get them ready to live independently.

Bright Secure Future is here to transform Young people’s Lives

Our core vision for each young person at Bright Secure Future is we “dare to dream”. Many young people arrive with no plans for the future and no aspiration. We encourage each young individual to aspire to build a better future and to engage in education and independent training by offering financial incentives when they progress and excel in such areas.

There are 11 key areas of training that run in 10 week cycles comprising of:

  • Education training and employment
  • Finance management
  • Understanding my journey
  • Tenancy and premises maintenance
  • Food management
  • Personal care
  • Social skills
  • Building relationships
  • Substance misuse
  • Keeping safe
  • Hobbies and artistic development

Bright Secure Future has a full safeguarding policy in place and is implemented into daily practice. We are accustomed to working with young people that present a risk to themselves for a variety of reasons. These include self-harm, criminal behaviour, substance abuse and anti-social behaviour within our boundary settings. All procedures are in place to manage these risks.

We provide work mobile numbers to stay in contact with designated members of the team via a phone call or text message. When these risks are identified, measures are taken to increase the level of support and monitoring hence we have a variety of support packages in place. We want to keep young people safe, protect them so they subsequently learn to protect themselves.

Any abuse which may occur is recorded in all our safeguarding concerns form and the local authorities are advised as a matter of urgency. We also have a whistle blowing policy in place to protect anybody who reports abuse. At BSF all our staff are aware of procedures and safeguarding policies and operate within them. All members of the team have attended safeguarding training within the last 12 months.

On admission to Bright Secure Future, young people will sign terms of residence documents as well as a behaviour contract. House rules are given and the consequences of failing to adhere to them such as loss of incentive or loss of access to the incentive scheme until trust is rebuilt. We operate on a trust and relationship building basis by providing an environment where young people can feel free to express themselves in a controlled manner. We listen to and support each individual by working through their issues.

This gentle approach minimises the number of incidents, however there are occasions these incidents do still occur. In such situations BSF has the following processes in place:

  • BSF has a violence policy implemented into practice that offers staff guidance and procedures for managing situations of conflict including diffusion techniques
  • Staff at BSF are not allowed to take hold of young people in the form of restraint. Incidents of such nature result in the police being called to diffuse the situation or remove the person to calm them down where necessary
  • In certain circumstances BSF staff may find it necessary to intervene physically in order to separate young person’s fighting or to safeguard a young person
  • We do not press charges against young people unless under extreme circumstances. There will be an in-house punishment such as loss of incentive or contribute to the cost of damage caused in a bid to prepare them for the consequences of this behaviour when they leave us

The in-depth assessment completed at the pre-admission stage allows us to plan a package of support that is “needs led” and manages risk. The process being as follows:

  1. On admission young persons are allocated a key worker. This is to help them reach their goals and allow the young person to deal with their emotions and behaviour.
  2. We support young people by completing forms, attending appointments, help write CV’s, job searches and applying for benefits
  3. There is a focus on building confidence and motivation by initially providing plenty of support then gradually decreasing as their confidence grows
  4. We review monthly targets that have set reports which are subsequently provided to local authorities at the end of each month advising them of the progress made of the young person and their ability to manage independently within the community

One of the key barriers that effects young people is failure to accomplish their goals. We have a house incentive scheme where young people can earn money daily or weekly by:

  1. Engaging in all activities and opportunities relating to education, training and employment
  2. Engaging in cleaning and cooking rota
  3. Engaging in key working sessions
  4. Attend all key appointments
  5. Work towards building independence
  6. Keep their room clean and to a suitable standard
  7. Good behaviour

For those individuals that have safeguarding or vulnerability concerns due to suspected or known substance misuse, they will be issued with vouchers rather than cash where they can spend in a chosen shop.

Many young people come to us diagnosed with mental health conditions or issues relating to poor emotional coping strategies so we are well accustomed with dealing with such behavioural issues. In such situations a higher package of support is placed around the young person until they have settled and their issues have stabilised.

Where there is a disorder or mental health illness, we work with a range of professionals to ensure all needs are met and the condition is stabilised. If the problem is related to emotional coping strategies we will work to address these issues through different therapies within house guidance and support. We do ask any young individual on medication to keep them stored in our lockable safe to ensure they do not fall into the wrong hands. We then remind the young person to take their medication at the right time and correct dosage by supervising them. Where medication is kept in our possession a record number of tablets is kept and amended as and when the medication has been taken and a signature is requested from a member of staff and the young person.

All young residents are registered with the local dentist and GP within the first 5 days of placement. We have nurses that visit our accommodations on a weekly basis to undertake health assessments, provide sexual health advice and point them to the appropriate health services where necessary. We promote healthy eating and courage young people to cook.

No smoking is permitted in any of our accommodations; where there is evidence of smoking the individual will lose their incentives. If substance misuse is suspected then access to the incentive scheme is limited to reward being given in vouchers only. We take substance abuse very seriously in all BSF accommodations and hold substance misuse awareness and harm reduction sessions so our young residents receive the right level of advice and support.


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