EMERGENCY Residential Care Referrals

If you require an emergency placement, we provide a fast responsive service to Local Authorities across the country who require immediate placements for young people for any period of time. Our accommodation is supported by our care staff and is fully furnished ready for any young person.

Assessment of Needs and Risk

When a referral is received by Bright Secure Future the following list is taken into consideration:

  • Assessment of Locality Report
  • Assessment of Risk of harm towards others
  • Assessment of Vulnerability
  • Assessment of Emotional Coping Strategies
  • Assessment of Educational Needs
  • Assessment of Independent Living Skills to be developed
  • Assessment of young persons ability to mix with current group

After assessments are conducted a decision is made with regards to our ability to accept the referral. We do however welcome the opportunity to meet with the young person face-to-face to conduct these assessments by completing an in depth review. This allows us to get to know the young persons and assess our ability to support them.

Young people are encouraged to slowly take responsibility for their lives and build on their living skills. Where there is moderate learning difficulty or behavioural issues with the young person we work with other supporting agencies to address their behaviour and help with emotional coping strategies.

We assist young people using holistic bespoke packages of support so they can engage in activities that will prepare them to live independently
Our accommodation offers a variety of first-class properties that includes one, two, three bedroom houses; each room available as single occupancy depending on the young persons needs
We focus on meeting the needs of all referral placements; unaccompanied asylum seeking, leaving care, urgent and emergency accommodation for 16+
Emergency Referral

Urgent Emergency Referrals

For an urgent referral you can either call our head office during business working days between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on 0247-666507 or call a 24 hour manned mobile helpline on 07379 305531.

Referrals and Admissions

Young people can be referred to us via email by completing the online form or by sending us a direct email to referrals@brightsecurefuture.com. You will also need to send us risk assessment information details pertaining to the the risk level of the young person to be referred.


The referral form must be completed to ensure the right package of support is put in place. The young person will be offered a phased transition where there is an opportunity for a planned move with a one night stay before they can join us on a permanent basis.


There will be be occasions where an emergency is referred to us. In this situation, it is recommended that the young person joins us on our emergency or intensive package for 28 days until they are offered additional support and settled within this period.


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