How we work

Bright Secure Future work in collaboration and partnership with young people, their parents or carers, local authorities and other agencies to provide a co-ordinated and integrated service, which contributes to the health, welfare and personal development of young people residing in our supported accommodation. We have a focus on promoting education to improve future prospects, provide access to therapeutic services and promoting independence. Our staff care workers take initiatives to ensure that there is equality of opportunity for all young people that reside with us.

We have 3 objectives that are essential when working with young people

Help young people understand their life journey so far


Help young people understand how their life experiences has made them who they are today


Help repair, restore or improve relationships with family and key individuals


All Bright Secure Future staff are well trained in pro-social modelling and are fully equipped in managing young people that present present severe challenging behaviours.

Staff must ensure that young people are made aware of their rights and responsibilities and that their rights are upheld taking into account of their age, level of understanding and capacity to exercise their rights.

Young people are encouraged to give consideration to the effects of their actions that not only effects them personally but to other people.

Young people have the right to be treated with respect, for their views to be listened to, to be involved in decisions about how they are supported and their future plans.

Young people have the right to privacy, proper healthcare, education, recreational activities and personal space to rest and reflect. Positive activities and opportunities are provided and implemented into the daily routine of each young individual during the time they reside with us.