Making a complaint

If a young person, carer, parent, or any other person involved has a complaint about something that has happened they should firstly discuss this with a key worker, the social worker or the general manager. Should this not resolve the problem then the next action to take should be to follow the representation and complaints procedure.

On the admission of the young person a user friendly leaflet is given that sets out the formal complaints procedure and a further copy is placed on his/her file. Should a young person wish to make a complaint, the manager or the key worker will be happy to assist them through this process.

The complaints procedure follows set stages:

  • Stage 1 – the aim is to reach an outcome within the residence. If the complainant is not happy with this outcome, or feel to complain is pointless to try to resolve the problem informally.
  • Stage 2 – complaint is lodged. This will be investigated by a director and independent person.
  • Stage 3 – from this the complainant will receive an investigation report and any proposed action.
  • Stage 4 – finally if the complainant is still unhappy they can ask for a complaint to be recommended to a social worker who will try other ways to resolve the matter.
  • Stage 5 – in addition to the complaint, contact can be made with the local ombudsman (see contact details below).

Local Government Ombudsman

PO BOX 4771
TELEPHONE: 0300 0610614


We strive to work at the highest regulatory standards and as such we employ a compliance manager at Bright Secure Future Ltd. This allows us to regularly assess our working practice against the standards set by a range of statutory and professional guidelines which include the following:

  • Placement North West
  • Local authority HMO registrations and building regulations
  • Local authority contracts
  • Information Commission Office (ICO)
  • Company House
  • Company Insurers
  • Health and Safety Advisory Consultancies
  • Human Resource Advisory Consultancies
  • External Health and Social Care Regulators

For further information please contact the Project Office Manager: 02476 666507