Bright Secure Future provides accommodation and support for young people between the ages of 16 to 25 years of age. Many of the people we assist are in the process of leaving the care system but not yet ready to live independently within the community.

We offer holistic packages of support to young vulnerable people during the transitional stages of their early adult lives that will help prepare them to live a normal healthy life with a bright and prosperous future.


The support packages we offer assist Care Providers, whatever the urgency of their needs. Bright Secure Future management and staff have enormous experience in this area and we are mindful of the impact that a change of placement can have on a young person.

  • We operate a young person centric approach to ensure a smooth and positive transition
  • Individuals can move into starter flats for young people to live independently
  • We offer emergency out-of-hours referral placement where there is an emergency bed available
  • Our services include supporting young people with independent living skills, being involved with the local community and behavioural change through tailor education support services
  • We recognise the importance of early intervention and tackling youth mental health matters
  • Dedicated support is provided by a BSF Case Worker who remains in regular contact with placement providers
  • Our approach to working with young people has proven to give excellent results in changing their lives
  • When young people arrive they are given extensive support to not only settle and feel at home but to find new ways to gain motivation, direction and goals

Responsive Support

We offer a range of supported placements with up-to 24 hour onsite care, to placements with different levels of day / night time support to young people within independent accommodation.

Suitable Living

Young people leaving care need somewhere safe and suitable to live to help them make a positive transition into adulthood. Good housing underpins success in other areas of life.

Quality Living

We believe that young people should only live in quality environments, which are both homely and therapeutic in nature and representative of family homes, using holistic bespoke packages of support.

Our core values

Bright Secure Future is committed to promoting equal opportunities to ensure that there is equality in access for each individual regardless of their race, culture, disability, sexual orientation or religion. We recognise the variety of needs presented by young people accommodated with us. We also recognise that young people will make better progress when they are placed in environments that cater for their specific needs.

Young people have the right to be treated with respect, to be asked their views, to be listened to and to be involved in decisions about their future plans. In addition, young people have the right not to be discriminated against or bullied, and have the responsibility not to discriminate against or bully others.

To promote a culture of Anti-Bullying of young people by providing information about how to make a complaint and get assistance from staff members. All complaints are treated seriously without exception. Initially we resolve complaints informally by working with the young person on a day-to-day basis. In exceptional cases where complaints are not resolved informally, the young person is supported in accessing the formal complaints procedure.

“We appreciate the flexibility and responsiveness that Local Authorities need when it comes to placing young people in semi-independent supported living accommodation.”